Las Vegas Legal Scanning Company

Document scanning is a basic three-phase process of preparation, scanning, and reassembly. Documents are prepared for scanning by removing all of the binding elements such as staples, clips, and rubber bands. Prepared documents are then scanned by a qualified scan operator who monitors the entire process, identifying all physical document breaks and properly identifying page orientation. The documents may be scanned as black-and-white or color images. Oversized and colored documents can be handled using scanners specially designed for such items. Unless the client specifies otherwise, documents are reassembled to their original state (stapled, clipped, etc.), then readied for returning back to the client.

Scanning your document allows you to organize successfully and unlock the true value of the information contained in its files resulting in increased productivity, performance and profits. With the highest image quality and coded data available enables you to a quick search and accurate retrieval of each secure file.