Trial Services/3D-Animation

Instant Access to All of your Evidence

Mission_DetailsOur consultants arrive at trial ready to go with all of the necessary equipment for an effective presentation, including laptop computers (primary and backup), an LCD projector, flat-screen monitors for the judge and counsel tables (if necessary), VCR/DVD player & speakers and a projection screen selected for each individual courtroom. They will take care of the setup, wiring, operation and removal of all equipment.

Some cases require 3D visualization and graphics to communicate complex concepts. Detailed models of the vehicle, its motion and the environment in which the accident happened come together in an interactive 3D environment, creating a clearer understanding of the accident sequence. Our simulations and animations are physics based and use real photos from the police to produce a more accurate and realistic representation of the reconstruction. LDG works closely with clients to ensure that our animations and graphics are admitted into trial and used effectively to communicate concepts to the jury.

Our Video Department can digitize, synchronize and clip deposition video for seamless trial playback through our Trial Presentation system. We also, create static or animated text slides for opening and closing statements, charts graphs, blue prints, and other graphics to help the jury visualize your story. LDG designs eye-catching representations with a quick turnaround time and provides around-the-clock support with flexible change requests.

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